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From now on, natto is not only the king of clay soil (the 13th French Open).


For the 20th Grand Slam, it is no problem to say that he and the cow are the double kings in tennis history.


(Well, last year, he won the 12th French Open and the 18th Grand Slam semi-finals. I shot Feiner on the sidelines; now, they are both 20!)


The French Open was in the early summer in previous years, which was perfect for Spaniard Nadal; Roland Garros fans support him; the clay court is very suitable for his topspin play.

法国网球公开赛是在往年的初夏,这对西班牙人纳达尔来说是完美的。罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的球迷支持他。红土球场非常适合他的上旋比赛。

At this moment of this year, Paris is in autumn (it was almost 14 degrees at the time of playing); there are not many fans on the centre court; this year he changed the ball and he was uncomfortable in his top spin.


Under many unfavorable factors, he first played Djokovic 6-0 in the final and won the first set.


Djokovic’s strategy is to mobilize natto with variable lengths and lobs, find opportunities for the Internet by himself, and adjust natto to the Internet.


Conversely, Natto tried his best to use the forehand and backhand slanting kicks to push Djokovic to the bottom line.


The fourth set after 3-0 is the watershed for the first set and the entire game. The two were worn out for a long time, and Natto forced Deyo to run. He insisted on saving break points continuously and finally 4-0.


After that, Djokovic showed with naked eyes:


"What's the matter? I can't fix him!"


Djokovic's problem: He only scored 30% in the first set. He couldn't serve Natto. After entering a stalemate, Natto forced him to the bottom line. He always wanted to make a crisp shot, but he had no chance.


While spending time on the clay court, Natto is the first person in tennis history. In the second set, Djokovic's lob was seen through by Natto and even counterattacked.


In the first two games, Natto actually won 21 points, which is less than the 25 points of the Djokovic. However, there are only 6 unforced errors in natto and about 30 in Germany.


The third set of the German contract is considered to be a true contract, the quality of the forehand and backhand returns are high, the first serve is also stable, and a backhand finally broke. At that time, the German contract was alive, and the horizontal dispatch on the court was also opened.


But Natto is very calm and his serve is handled properly. At this time, it's the details:


In the second set, the English commentator also ridiculed the "No Ace" of Dejo, who could not pass the serve, and made stalemate and mistakes. At the end of the third set, Djokovic made a fourth double turnover, and Natto made his fourth ACE ball. The game ended.

在第二盘中,英语评论员还嘲笑了无法通过发球的Dejo的“ No Ace”,造成了僵局和错误。在第三盘结束时,德约科维奇进行了第四次两次失误,纳托完成了第四次ACE球。游戏结束了。

The last set scored 32 to 19, and Natto still had only 10 winning goals (detroit 11), but the unforced turnover was 2 to 13.


In short:


Natto puts Djokovic on the bottom line as much as possible to kill; Djokovic's long and short balls are mobilized and small balls are added, but the speed and bounce of the clay ball can't beat the tough natto.


When De Yue couldn't help himself, he wanted to make a short shot, and then made a mistake.


Djokovic is actually not so miserable on the scene, but natto is impervious to wind and rain, that is, from the beginning, it was deliberately consumed with Djokovic. Consumption won.


For natto, it's really hard to describe.


When he started playing the French Open, he was still a muscular violent play. Federer's so-called "get a little advantage in every shot" was heavy, and he was tenacious to run. After all, he was a passionate teenager who ran home at noon when he was a child and watched the "Dragon Ball" cartoon.


But over the years, I kept hurting and practicing. There are backhands, serve, and small balls.


He is the only thing he can't kill on the clay court, and the muscles of a Saiyan.


In 2016, coach Francis Roig said that Nadal's ideal at the time was to continue playing. "A few years ago, Nadal doubted whether he could still fight at the age of 30, but now he has completely changed his mind, and now he tells me that it’s okay to have surgery for the game.

2016年,教练弗朗西斯·罗伊格(Francis Roig)表示纳达尔当时的理想是继续比赛。 “几年前,纳达尔怀疑他是否还能在30岁时继续战斗,但现在他已经完全改变了主意,现在他告诉我,为比赛做手术是可以的。

However this year


During the first two days of interviews, he said that he didn't care about others' performance, and only cared about being 100% of himself every day.


He said it was really hard, but everyone worked hard, and it was hard work in Roland Garros.

他说这确实很辛苦,但每个人都努力工作,而在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)则是艰苦的工作。

These words became more and more like a marathon runner's tone-and more and more like a Super Saiyan.


When I interviewed Cretega three years ago, he said:


Most of the players on the clay court have a special feature. They know that playing on the clay court is to a large extent competing with themselves, so when training, they will consciously simulate various difficult 亚搏ios下载地址situations and conditions to improve their tolerance. .

红土球场上的大多数球员都有其特殊之处。他们知道在红土场地上打比赛很大程度上是在与自己竞争,因此在训练时,他们将有意识地模拟各种困难的情况和条件以提高他们的宽容度。 。

He said: Tennis career is a long-distance marathon race.


While natto has come along, although there are cows and virtues, the real opponent has always been himself.


He was injured frequently ten years ago. Experts say that he will decline after he is 30 years old. In his autobiography, he admits that he has to rely on hard work more than a genius like a cow. Five years ago, his injury condition declined, and he hoped to persist in 2016. By 2019.


But now 34 years old, almost 2021, without the cheers of Roland Garros, without the early summer weather, unable to stably play the signature topspin. Relying on a steady serve to end the pursuit of Djokovic, chasing the 20th Grand Slam.

但是现在已经34岁,差不多2021年,没有罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的欢呼,没有初夏的天气,就无法稳定地发挥标志性的前旋。依靠稳固的发球来结束对德约科维奇的追逐,追逐第20大满贯赛事。

But this year he won this way...never lost a set.


“You have to suffer.”


He took all these hardships for granted and carried this marathon-like career all the way to the pinnacle of tennis history. He said ten years ago that "Dragon Ball" enlightened his childhood, but I have to say: His career so far is more passionate than "Dragon Ball". In fact, Natto is the perfect protagonist of a passionate tennis story; Natto's career is a classic tennis passion story.


(Not the ghostly appearance depicted by a certain scrap cartoonist...)